Welcome to our page dedicated to our 1957 Piper Tri-Pacer (PA22-150/160). This aircraft was originally delivered to the Junction City Flying Cub in Junction City, KS in March of 1957 and it was sold by Topeka Piper Sales of Topeka, KS. It is serial number 22-4857 and its registration has always been N6929D.

The story of how we came to be owners of this particular aircraft is quite interesting. In 2006, we met Keith Klos (a fellow "Short Wing" owner) at a local EAA Chapter 307 meeting PA22-150 and we got to talking about aircraft ownership after one of the meetings. At the time, our hearts were set on a Cessna 172, but Keith told us to give the Tri-Pacer a look as it could usually keep up with most 172's. We did some research during 2006 and decided that a Tri-Pacer might not be a bad idea. In the summer of 2007, we went to EAA Airventure looking to get ideas about what "kind" of Tri-Pacer we should buy. We also wanted to talk with other Tri-Pacer owners and find out what their experiences had been with the aircraft.

During our four or five days at Airventure, we saw a number of Tri-Pacers in various conditions, but one stood out among the rest. That aircraft was N692D and we took a picture of it (shown above) and put it in my 2008 "Aviation Calendar" as a reminder of what we wanted. Someday we were sure that we wanted to own a Tri-Pacer "just like that".

Fast forward a couple of years...

Oddly enough, looking through Trade-A-Plane in early 2010, it just so happened that N6929D was up for sale in Kansas. We were floored. Here was the aircraft we dreamed of and it was seemingy within our grasp. We watched it for a few months as the price started to come down and eventually decided to make an offer on it. The rest, as they say, is history.

The links in the upper-right will take you to pages with general information on the Piper Tri-Pacer as well as to pages with information specific to N6929D. If you have questions not answered here, you can always e-mail us.

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