As we mentioned before, N6929D started its life in Junction City, KS with the Junction City Flying Club. It spent a number of years giving its owners good service and even won a "Grand Champion" award at the 1997 Short Wing Piper Convention. Then in 1998, the owner at the time decided it would be nice to give the aircraft a complete make-over and so a 6-year restoration program began. The aircraft was disassembled down to the bare fuselage frame and everything was inspected and any consumable parts were replaced. In total, it is estimated that between $75,000 and $100,000 went into resotring this aircraft, though the real number is elusive even with the receipts we have.

PA22-150 A wide variety of modifications were made to the aircraft including most of the available STC's for the PA-22. During the rebuild, the owner opted to modernize the instrument panel opting for a standard "six-pack" layout with modern gyros and a brand new avionics suite including a Garmin GNS-430, Garmin GNC-300, and a Garmin GTX-330. This really brings the aircraft up to modern standards and makes it very IFR capable. The addition of a Brittain autopilot in 2009 just adds to the utility and makes cross-country flights very enjoyable. A list of specifications and modifications are listed below.

General Specifications:
Type: 1957 PA22-150 (SN: 22-4857)
Powerplant: Lycoming O-320-B2B (160 hp)
Propeller: Sensenich 74DM Propeller - 62" Pitch
Wheel Pants: Piper Wheel Pant Kit
Covering: Superflite 102 Fabric
Finish: Superflite System II Urethane Finish
Interior: Custom Creme Leather Interior & Wool Headliner
Wing Span: 29.5 feet
Empty Weight: 1286 lbs.
Gross Weight: 2000 lbs.
Useful Load: 714 lbs.
Cruising Speed: TBD in 2011
Top Speed: TBD in 2011
Landing Speed: 70-80 MPH
Restoration Cost: Uknown

Modifications and STC's:
· North River Brake Booster
· Williams Toe Brakes
· Cleveland Disc Brakes
· Custom Instrument Panel
· EI OAT/Carb Temperature Gauge
· EI Oil Pressure/Temperature Gauge
· EI EGT/CHT Gauge
· EI Volt/Amp Gauge
· Brittain AccuTrak & AccuFlite Autopilot
· Precise Flight Stand-by Vac System
· Airwolf Spin-On Remote Oil Filter
· Saf-Air Oil Quick-Drain
· Safe-Heet Engine Pre-Heater
· Custom "Miss Pearl" Fairings
· Custom Instrument Panel with "Six-Pack" Conversion
· Custom Stainless-Steel Firewall
· RAPCO Dry Vacuum Pump
· Flyweight Starter
· Push-to-Reset Circuit Breakers
· Back-Lit Instrument Panel
· 4-Place PMA-6000 Intercom
· Garmin GNS-430 (IFR Approved)
· Garmin GNC-300 (IFR Approved)
· Garmin GTX-330
· Full Avionics Cool Fans
· Chrome Valve Covers
· Custom Painted Baffle System with Silicone Baffles
· Sealed Wing Struts
· Heated Pitot Tube
· Aileron/Rudder Interconnect Removed

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